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Shrimp City Slim: Music

Lyrics for the two instrumentals on "Star Marina" (2013)

(Shrimp City Slim)
February 1, 2013
Music & words by Gary Erwin

(Boston, MA; 1972)

I am alive
I am a lion
sandwiched lamb-like
in the selva
of your lies-flavored crimes
I am dying

I am the cage
I am living in the angry sun
where hearts may bake
I am knifed
by the shade I forsake

This is where I want to be:
animal-poet crammed with wisdom
Smile and I compose for thee

(original song entitled "Whiles and Whiles";
Boston, MA; 1973) - Here are lyrics to the section
that morphed into "Mercado Merced".

mmm pilgrims are often wrong
dancing on glass to a flowery past in seclusion

mmm windows like beacons boast
"This is the man who has made you a man"
and a saviour

When I fill my eyes
with a scene that fills my heart
and when I am filled to the point
when I cannot hold anymore,
and when my patience profits
and in giving in, I learn to five
Limbo is impossible

mmm horizons stretch lovingly
the earth grows the sky
and the seabirds take flight in seclusion

mmm borders and faces look
south to the straight and the harrowing fate of the witness
south to the man
who will make me a man