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Shrimp City Slim: Recordings

Tidal Pool

The new solo CD, November 2016 release. Recorded by Steve Hardy at the Circular Church in Charleston, SC (same engineer/same venue as "Dark Road Piano"), this is a collection of sixteen tracks (8 vocals, 8 instrumentals), spanning forty-five years of songwriting (1971-2016). We think you will like it. Test-drive, purchase, download at CD Baby (recommended), Amazon, iTunes, etc.
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Transatlantic Blues Project (IMPORT)

(2014) 12 tracks, 52:23 - Recorded live October 27, 2012 in the ballroom of the ancient Hotel Pod Orlem, Bydgoszcz, Poland; the last night of a tour with noted local blues band Green Grass.

This was SCS's second year-in-a-row performing at the city's "Blues & Folk Festival". A big turnout (including family - SCS's grandfather emigrated from Bydgoszcz to Chicago in 1911), great sound, and classic Polish hospitality combined to elevate the 'Transatlantic Blues Project' collaboration to new heights. Six SCS originals and six covers. The entire set, recorded intact start-to-finish (there was an opening act).

To support this release, a promotional tour of Poland is planned for September, 2015, 13 shows, details at 'Calendar'.
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(2014) 6 tracks, 24:49 - Raw voice & keyboard demos for a musical theatre project (1983, never staged) concerning love & death during the Spanish conquest of Peru.

Recorded under spartan conditions in a Boston tenement, "Qenz" is an intimate glimpse of the songwriting process and offers yet another surgical incision into the wild world of Shrimp City Slim.

Three of these songs have never appeared in any form on any other SCS album.
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Star Marina

(2013) 14 songs, 44:01 - the long-awaited NEW 'ensemble CD' with many musical flavors, including blues, beach, R&B, vaudeville, even a field holler and a couple of piano miniatures thrown in for good measure.
CD Baby

Rio Angie

(2012) 11 tracks, 40:58 / instrumental piano album (lyrics elsewhere on this website) / Improvisations on original songs from the early years, 1971-1980. Partly inspired by travels in Mexico and South America, this crossover volume represents another side of Shrimp City Slim. Cool, calm, brooding, these themes at the core of the current SCS solo show.
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(2008) single / SCS plays guitar, Jerome Griffin sings this ode to a friend who left us 'way too soon' / available as download only
CD Baby

Dark Road Piano

(2006) 15 songs, 51:17 /Solo & acoustic: piano/vocal /Includes "Broom & Hose", "Places I Can't Go No More","(We Should Be) Naked", more. Recorded live-to-CD on a big old grand piano in an historic church in downtown Charleston. A personal favorite.
CD Baby

Highway 17: Lowcountry Blues Live

(2003) 12 songs, 59:32 /
Live tracks, includes "Highway 17", "Lowcountry Mama", and "Call Me in Carolina", more.
CD Baby

Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83

(2000) 17 songs, 65:27 / Recordings from the early '80s in Boston, including the original version of "Lovely on the Water" (also heard on Wanda Johnson's "Natural Resource", 2006). Band members include Craig Hlady (Berklee School of Music faculty), Doug Nally (later drums with Stanley Turrentine, Rachelle Farrell, more).
CD Baby

I Work Nights

(1998) 20 songs, 69:53
Includes "Charleston Strut", "Good Good Love", "I Don't Wanna Be in Town (When Your Payback Comes Around)", more. One of my favorite releases.
CD Baby

Blue Palmetto

(1996) 20 songs, 72:16 / Includes "Money Stupid", "Gossip (Will Only Make Us Stronger", "One Day", more. During the sessions, our recording engineer kept calling this "a box set" (due to the length!).
CD Baby

Blues on the Beach

(1994) 15 songs, 57:09
Includes "Charleston" / guests include Skeeter Brandon, Steve James, Roger Bellow. A classic of the Lowcountry blues tradition.
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Gone with the Wind

(1992) 14 songs, 54:21 / The first CD featuring Silent Eddie Phillips on guitar, Juke Joint Johnny, harmonica; includes "Tommy's House", "God Is Calling", and JJJ's harp version of "Amazing Grace".
CD Baby

Live in Colombia (out of print)

(1989) A live set of covers.
This cassette is currently out of print.
Shrimp City Slim

Compilations and as sideman on other recording projects (all Erwin Music label unless otherwise indicated)

Shrimp City Slim can also be found on these recordings:

SHELLEY MAGEE & THE BAD DEEDS: Shoutin' for Sugar (Allie Mae);
BIG DADDY PATTMAN: Live in London;
RANDY CROWE: Tailwind;
SCOTT PERRY: I'm Happy Now (Oh Papa)
BIG BOY HENRY: Carolina Blues Jam;
BIG BOY HENRY: Walking the Tightrope (Hometown);
BIG BOY HENRY: Mississippi River Flooding (Hometown);
CHICAGO BOB NELSON: Coming Back Strong;
DAVE PEABODY: Down in Carolina (Appaloosa);
DAVE PEABODY: Hands Across the Sea (Appaloosa);
VARIOUS: Blues to Bop Festival 1995 (Blues to Bop);
VARIOUS: Millenium Music Sampler #1; etc. (MM)
PAPA WHEEL (David Fuller): 2010 release
REV. MARV WARD: Catharsis
WANDA JOHNSON: Call Me Miss Wanda
WANDA JOHNSON: Natural Resource
WANDA JOHNSON: Hold What You Got
BLUES TO BOP 1995 (Lugano, Switzerland): Live compilation
SOUL BAG (French blues magazine) CD compilation, includes "Dropping Names" with Wanda Johnson
TWOJ BLUES (Polish blues magazine) CD compilation, includes "Give Your Face a Rest" with Wanda Johnson
VARIOUS: "Bring the Beat In" (Patman & Robin Records, 2012) (two songs: "Good, Good Love" by Shrimp City Slim; "It's So Nice to Have Someone" by Wanda Johnson; both songs composed by SCS)
Another way to purchase:

Erwin Music, the label: releases in chronological order

(o/p = out of print
d/d/a = digital download available)

Drink Small: "Blues Doctor: Live & Outrageous!" (cassette) (re-released on CD in 2006)


Blue Light Special: "Live in Colombia" (cassette) (o/p) /
Randy Crowe: "Tailwind" (cassette) (o/p) /
Walter 'Lightnin' Bug" Rhodes: "Where Is My Friend?" (cassette) (still in stock)


Shrimp City Slim: "Lowcountry Blues" (cassette; later released as "Gone With the Wind" by Blue Light Special on CD & cassette, and re-released again in 1998 as the CD only "Gone With the Wind" by Shrimp City Slim (with 1995 bonus tracks).

Tony & Company: "A New Beginning" (cassette) (o/p)

Chicago Bob Nelson: "Comin' Back Strong" (cassette) (o/p)


Big Boy Henry & friends: "Carolina Blues Jam" (CD) (o/p)

Shrimp City Slim: "Blues on the Beach" (CD & cassette) (d/d/a)

Tony & Company: "Deeply Rooted" (CD & cassette) (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "Phosphate Woman" b/w "Sticky Fingers" (cassingle; two songs only)
(these two songs included on 1998 CD re-issue of "Gone With the Wind") (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "Blue Palmetto" (CD) (d/d/a)

Big Daddy (Neal) Pattman: "Live in London" (CD)
(o/p) (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "I Work Nights" (CD) (d/d/a) /
Paul Dudley Kershaw & the Bayou Ramblers: "Allons a Grand Kaplan" (CD) (o/p) (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83" (CD) (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "Highway 17 - Lowcountry Blues Live" (CD) (d/d/a)
Wanda Johnson: "Call Me Miss Wanda" (CD) (d/d/a)

Shrimp City Slim: "Dark Road Piano" (CD) (d/d/a)
Wanda Johnson: "Natural Resource" (CD)
Drink Small: "Blues Doctor: Live & Outrageous!" (CD reissue of 1988 cassette)

Wanda Johnson: "Hold What You Got"

Shrimp City Slim: "Gabriella" (Jerome Griffin, vocal; SCS, acoustic guitar)
(one song - digital download only)

Shrimp City Slim: "Rio Angie"

Shrimp City Slim: "Star Marina"
Shelly Waters: "Swamp Pop Princess"

Shrimp City Slim: "Qenz"
Transatlantic Blues Project (Shrimp City Slim & Green Grass): self-titled

Shrimp City Slim: "Tidal Pool"
CD Baby and Amazon (both good places to buy CDs and downloads)